Some argue that cultural diversity creates barriers between people due to obvious linguistic,…

Some argue that cultural diversity creates barriers between people due to obvious linguistic, cultural and

religious differences. Others point to renowned global professional services firms, such as the “Big Four”

Accounting partnerships, which actively promotes diversity – in all its forms – in the workplace and offers a

range of services to a variety of clients around the world.

Given that historically, the English language is effectively the “lingua franca” or the language of business in

the advanced economies of the developed world, some argue that cultural differences are irrelevant if

everybody learns English, speaks the same language and becomes “Westernised”.

A good example of this is the city state of Singapore, which famously evolved from “third world to first” in a

generation in the late twentieth century. All Singaporeans learn English as well as a second language based

on their cultural heritage. This bi-lingual requirement is one factor, from among many, which has given

Singapore an undeniable advantage when conducting business, attracting international businesses and

appealing to high-wealth individuals


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