Social network services are emerging as a promising IT-based business, with some services already… 1 answer below »

Social network services are emerging as a promising IT-based business, with some services already being

provided commercially such as Facebook, Cyworld and Xiaonei. However, it is not yet clear which

potential audience groups will be key social network service participants. Moreover, the process showing

how an individual actually decides to start using a social network service may be somewhat different from

current web-based community services. Hence, the aims of this paper are twofold. First, we empirically

examine how individual characteristics affect actual user acceptance of social network services. To

examine these individual characteristics, we apply a Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) to construct

an amended model that focuses on three individual differences: social identity, altruism and telepresence,

and one perceived construct: the perceived encouragement, imported from psychology-based research.

Next, we examine if the users’ perception to see a target social network service as human relationshiporiented service or as a task-oriented service could be a moderator between perceived constructs and

actual use. As a result, we discover that the perceived encouragement and perceived orientation are

significant constructs that affect actual use of social network services.


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