SOC201 Trident University Stratification and Social Inequality Paper

Question Description

Stratification and social inequality.


Analyze the different social stratifications

Explain sexual and racial discrimination

Critique inequalities in gender and age and their impacts on society

Analyze poverty and its effects on society

Step1 Read the assignment guidelines below

In this assignment you will provide an in-depth analysis of issues associated with social stratification, social inequality, and discrimination. Use a word document that highlights the concepts you learned in this module. Your completed assignment should include the concepts of social stratification, social inequality, and social class in America. This paper does not need to be in a essay form. but should include a reference list. Be sure to address each section separately.

Requirements Details

Cover page Title your name date

One to two page discussion

of issues associated with social stratification Your discussion should include

A definition for stratification

The formation of social ranking development of social classes caste and

slavery systems

how have power, prestige, privilege wealth and other desirables effect

individual life-chances?

Davis and Moore argument regarding the function of stratification

Discuss the difference between the functionalist perspective and conflict

theorists of why the elite are in power of why the elite are in power.

one to two page discussion

of issues associated with social inequality and discrimination Your discussion should include

A definition for gender discrimination

A discussion of both structural and cultural factors and tradition that contribute to the inequality and designed to maintain the status quo i.e. male superiority.

A discussion of the wage gap where woman’s average earnings are about $.73 for every dollar a man earns; and whether gendered jobs exist.

What prejudice, discrimination, and racism is.

Define segregation, assimilation, pluralism, and genocide.

Discuss the different forms of discrimination individual v. institutional

One to two page discussion of issues associated with social class in America

Your discussion should include

Discuss social class in America and its consequence on society as a whole

Examine poverty and its effects on society

One page with citations Cite your sources in a reference section

All three topics should be contained within one document

Label each section with the title provided in the requirements

All the end of the document, cite the sources you used to complete it.

Create five sections of content for your assignment as noted in the above table Including cover page and reference list using the following guidelines to further engage the blog audience.

Use clear, concise sentences

Use relevant, real life examples to help explain concepts

relate the material back to your personal experience when possible

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