SOC1000 Kean University CH9 Race Ethnicity Gender and Society Analysis Essay

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1. Take into consideration the individual and sociological reasons to which why individuals do or do not chose to marry. Integrate your answers to the marriage trends and the experiences of marriage discussed in this chapter.

2. Define “global woman”. What are the costs and benefits to women and families of a global labor market for care work?

3. Describe the current state of racial segregation in the public schools in the U.S. What are some changes since the civil rights era of the 1960’s? Provide 2 sociological factors that explain the high levels of racial segregation in school and 2 ways these factors can be addressed.

4. Describe the historical factors that help explain the organization of the modern school day in the United States. Should the school day be reorganized to meet new societal needs? What changes should be made to address these needs?

5. What are some of the key reasons students drop out of college? Can identifying the sociological roots of the problem help in developing effective policies to address this issue?

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