SO141 Park Racial Disparities Experienced in University by Black & Asian Students Discussion

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In this assignment you will choose a media item to critically examine through a sociological lens. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate your ability to analyze media context using sociological questions and concepts. This assignment provides you the opportunity to both critically analyze a media item and develop a response or alternative version of this item that both incorporates your critiques and seeks an alternative representation. Your analysis and critique should incorporate theories and key concepts from this course including inequality, gender, race, class, social roles/socialization, etc.

  1. Find a popular mainstream media item associated which represents race, class, or gender. This can be print or digital media that is one of the following:
  • An advertisement
  • An article in a popular/mainstream magazine
  • A newspaper article
  • A popular YouTube video
  • A clip from a popular show on television
  • A clip from a news program
  • A social media page or profile
  1. Using what you have learned in this course, critically analyze the social representations presented in the media content. Discuss how the media item reflects or challenges dominant values, norms, and social identities.
  2. Write a 2-3 page analytic paper including an alternative representation of your media item.

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