SO101 Grantham How Sexual Norms & Sexual Identities Intersect with Politics and The Law Paper

Question Description

Sexuality is a powerful socio-political tool and weapon. Discuss how sexual norms and sexual identities intersect with politics and the law, economics and the marketplace and social wellness and disease.

Choose one of the following options for your assignment this week:

Option A: Gender Crimes

Criminal acts occur against individuals because of gender – some of these are labeled as hate crimes in the U.S. (consider cases of violence against transgendered and homosexual individuals) and others occur across cultures. Choose two other types of “gender crimes” and discuss what these acts reveal about deep-seated cultural values and beliefs. One possibility is to examine bride burning or dowry death in India.

Submit a paper (750-1250 words) that explores gender crimes. Provide at least three references cited within the text and listed in the references section.

Option B: Gender Interviews

Interview six people of various ages and ask them what various gender terms mean (transsexual, intersex, transgender, etc.). Also ask them what experience they have in this knowledge – do they know someone who uses a non-binary gender designation or are they basing this information on another source? There is a gap between scholarly understandings and pop culture. Summarize your findings into a report.

Submit a copy of the interview questions and your notes of the interviews, along with your written interpretation of the data (750-1250 words).

Option C: Sexual Terminology

Create a survey of sexual identities. Prepare at least ten questions of various types that elicit the understanding that people have of terms such as bisexual, gay, lesbian, homosexual, queer, and LGBT. Then, conduct the survey with at least ten respondents. What patterns can you find? What terms are most and least agreed upon?

Submit a copy of your questionnaire along with the responses from your subjects. Include your written interpretation of the data (750-1250 words).

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