simulated industry environment operated within a training organisation.

Skills must be demonstrated in an operational tourism, travel, hospitality or events business
operation where WHS management practices are implemented and monitored. This can be:
• an industry workplace
• a simulated industry environment.
Assessment must ensure access to:
• computers, software programs, printers and communication technology used to
administer the implementation and monitoring of a WHS system
• relevant state or territory WHS legislation
• current plain English regulatory documents distributed by the local WHS
government regulator
• codes of practice and standards issued by government regulators or industry groups
• WHS information and business management manuals issued by industry
associations or commercial publishers
• current commercial WHS policies and procedures
• operational team for which the individual coordinates WHS management practices;
this can be:
• teams in an industry workplace who are assisted by the individual during the
assessment process; or
• individuals who participate in role plays or simulated activities, set up for the
purpose of assessment, in a simulated industry environment operated within a
training organisation.

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