Server management with Linux commands.

Purpose of the Assessment:
This assignment consists of two parts:
Part A: This includes command line tools, script programming for system maintenance and
techniques for server management.
Part B: This includes server management systems. The two parts combined, the assignment
provides students with opportunity to undertake work on the above topics and develop an
understanding and professional skills required to manage and maintain network servers.
By doing this assignment, students will get an opportunity to enquire some of the server
Operating System features, and basic tools used in LINUX servers. They will also get an idea
of various tasks performed by the system administrators. In addition to that, the overview of
the modern-day Operating Systems is also necessary to keep up with the current
technological trend.
Part A: (15 Marks)
Q1. Server management with Linux commands.
To check the originality of students’ work, all students are required to follow the instructions
on the Linux terminal running any flavours of Linux (e.g., Ubuntu, Kali) such as:
Use the following commands one after the other: mkdir (Replace with your own student ID
and name, for example: MIT111111_Ryan), cd (You are changing directory to the newly
created directory, which is MIT111111_Ryan). After, you are in the directory that you have
created, document the following for each command:
(2.5 Marks X 2 = 5 Marks)
• netstat
• mtr
What to document for each command?
• Purpose of the command
• Syntax of the command
• A valid screenshot with appropriate figure number and caption showing how you
explored the command on your Linux system.
Q2. You need to write a script that will do the followings – (Marks 10)
Note: save the script with your student ID and name such as
1. Will display a menu as shown below – (Mark 1)
Choose one of the followings –
1. Show My Student ID and Name
2. Find the divisors of an integer number
3. Show calendar
4. Show today’s date
5. Exit

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