Security Management Case Study #2


Case Study 2


You have just been hired as the corporate security manager for a major e-commerce corporation. Your boss has told you that the CFO and CEO made legislative compliance a top priority. Because your e-commerce site accepts credit cards, the company handles confidential customer information. You are told that no program or policies currently exist, and your top level management has only recently seen the need for a policy.




Formulate a plan to bring the organization into compliance as quickly as possible. Develop short-term goals over the next 6 months and long-term goals that may take up to 5 years. Consider how you may approach this new assignment and discuss your short and long term approach with respect to building this program. .


Case Study Requirements




1.Cover sheet that contains the Course Name, Case Study #2, your name, and the date


2.Name your Word file in this format: lastname CaseStudy2.


3.Proper use of spelling, grammar, and paragraphing


4.A Works Cited Page as the last page, which includes all relevant information about all of your in-text sources, including author name(s) if known. Also note whether the source is an Internet source, along with the date of retrieval and a full URL. (See APA guidelines in the Syllabus.)


5.This assignment should be 2-3 pages in length (500-750 words).


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