San Francisco State University Health Literacy and Education System Paper

Question Description

The following table provides a partial list of key terms and ideas relevant to health communication.

healthwellness & well-beingillnessdisease
biomedical modelholistic model (balance, homeostasis)bio-psycho-social-spiritual model
ecological healthpreventionSocial Determinants of Health
health disparitieshealth equityhealth justicecultural competence
health literacylimited health literacymedical uncertaintyprofessional uncertainty
interpersonal uncertaintyfinancial uncertaintyuncertainty managementmedical visit activities
acute vs. chronic problemshealth outcomespersonal experience of health & illnessgraphic medicine
social supportemotional supportinformational supportinstrumental support
appraisal support

In this last health blog, please Add a New Discussion in which you follow these four steps:

  1. First, identify one term or major idea we have discussed in this course. The above list are some major terms we discussed throughout the semester and during our last class day together.
  2. Second, explain what the term (or idea) means. Draw from course readings, lectures, and discussions to help you define, explain or describe the term or idea.
    1. Questions: What are the key components or elements of the idea?
    2. What aspect of the class does it draw from?
    3. What is related to the term or idea?
  3. Next, give one specific example the term (or idea). Describe an example from your own life, from a YouTube video, image, news or popular media article, podcast, graphic representation, or whatever.
    1. Questions: How does the example help to explain or illustrate the term or idea?
    2. What role does communication play in this term or idea?
  4. Finally, explain what makes this term (or idea) important or significant to health communication.
    1. Questions: How does communication impact or influence this term or idea?
    2. How will this idea make a difference to you in your life, your friends and family’s lives, or for social good overall?

Your response should be between 300-400 words.

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