Ryerson University The Stigma on Mental Illness Research Paper

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From page 6-11 (on the course outline) are the requirements for my research paper. The second documents goes into detail about the requirements.

Originally this is was my thought process: In today’s society, mental illness is still being stigmatized. Many people believe that people with mental health issues are violent and pose a risk to harming themselves or other people. It is this belief that creates a general stigma towards people with mental health issues. This stigma can worsen and stop a person from getting the help they need. For example, there are many cases of young children committing suicides because they are a victim of bullying or depression. Social pressures on these individuals with mental health issues can impact their everyday life. It is important to care for the mental health of others as well as yourself because mental health is a vital part of one’s life as it impacts behaviors and emotions.

-my professor commented that my idea for my paper was missing the impact on society

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