Rural Health

Case #9. Read the attached case (sorry about the 5 pages, my scanner does not put in one document). In this case study, a new CEO of a 30-bed, not-for-profit rural hospital faces a turnaround situation to make the hospital profitable after 3 years of losses. Problems include challenging payer mix and difficulty recruiting physicians. This case presents the issues and challenges that hospital administrators and staff face in contemporary rural settings. Students reading this case should develop better perspectives of how to operate a hospital in a resource-constrained environment and how to leverage government programs and options in order to find creative solutions to deliver quality care. As a hospital transitioning its leadership team, this case provides students with the opportunity to discuss and reflect on how changes in human resources impact culture, operations, and strategic planning. I have attached the case study (5 pages). ……….Answer the following questions within three pages in APA format. Also include at least 3 journal articles. Please do not include headings/subheadings. Just identify by 1, 2, 3, and 4. ……. …….

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