Role of Leadership and Management Development

Research by CMI (2012) that followed a multi-layered approach focusing on managers, groups, interviews and case studies identified the relevance of development on organisation performance. Through a focus of a total of 4,496 individuals in all management levels, sectors, organisation size and geographical areas including 302 chief executives and 550 HR managers, relevant findings were obtained. The study noted that the high performing organisations invested 36% more in leadership and management development annually which is 1,738 pounds as opposed to 1, 275 pounds. The outcome of this is improved capability of achieving set organisational objectives, managing change more effectively, improving the performance across the organisation, increased leverage on competitive advantage and supporting their business growth.

The findings in CMI (2012) study are equally affirmed by Burgoyne et al. (2004) report that had evidenced that through the leadership and management development by British Telecom Company, they had managed to save the company with 270 million pounds. The amount saved was as a consequence of avoiding the value of errors made by untrained junior managers, wastes as a result of missed deadlines, customer complaints among others. Therefore, Leadership and management training helps companies improve productivity and performance under pressure. It can also increase emotional intelligence, enabling employees to successfully manage and work with diverse groups of people.

Additionally, in a study by Analoui et al. (2013) that focused on the UK ICT sector organisations in comparison with other sectors the relevance of leadership and management development was established. The study concluded that

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