Risk management Strategy for Organisation

Assessment Number
Assessment Type (and weighting)
Report (50%)
Assessment Name
Risk management Strategy for Organisation
Assessment Submission Date
Check this matches the date in Section 6

Identify and critically analyse the types of information required to make sound corporate business decisions and manage risk
Critically assess a range of methods, tools and techniques for effective risk problem solving in business
Identify and critically evaluate business risk using appropriate techniques
Develop and apply an effective strategic risk management framework

Assignment Brief:
Your Task

You have been asked by your board to prepare a report which will outline a justified Risk Management Strategy to cope with the likely business risks to your organisation, or an organisation you are familiar with, over the next three years:

In your report you should:

Evaluate a selected range of risk management tools and techniques for use with your organisation
Advise the board how they could be integrated into a Risk Management Strategy. If they are already in use evaluate and explain their use and advise the Board of any changes you would make.
Use the tools you identified above, conduct a business risk assessment and identify the business risks and business hazards to your organization.
Recommend a strategy for using your business risk tools and discuss the implications

Illustrate your argument with examples from your own experience and academic sources.

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