Research Paper Falls are one of the leading causes of death and injuries in the construction industry.

the leading causes of death and injuries in the construction industry.  research paper on falls in construction. It is not intended  to write an accident analysis or a paper on OSHA.  paper should use an accident(s) to support your research, but should not be the focus of your paper. It is also not necessary to give the name of an injured person, describe the effect on family, and give the OSHA violation and fine amount, etc., as they are not desired in this paper.1. What are the common causative factors? 2. What does data indicate? 3. What are the effective proven corrective measures? Always remember the most important aspect of a research paper is the summary analysis by the writer of the research. Paper must be a minimum of five pages in length not including the cover page or reference page. APA format is required. Be sure to have in text citations and more than one or two reference



Below are references and an link for an accident example. 

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