Research and define Vulnerability Management.

  1. You have just been hired as CIO for a fictional company (create a company name to use).  This company frequently works with highly sensitive, classified material.  The current policy for departing employee’s states: All login accounts to servers, VPNs, network, or other resources are to be disabled.
    • Given the highly sensitive nature of the work at your company, what other actions might you add/change as CIO to make the policy complete?
    • Be sure your additions/changes are clear, explained thoroughly, and justified in your response.
  2. As CIO you have decided to take the lead role to research using a Vulnerability Management process for the IT department of your fictional company.
    • Research and define Vulnerability Management. (Purpose, Outcomes, etc.)
    • What are the key components to consider?
    • How would you implement Vulnerability Management into the current IT department? What, if any, new positions would need to be staffed (or could you add these duties to a current position)?

Please answer each question with short paragraphs. APA format is not needed here. Please USE 1 REFERENCE per question (total of 2 references). Please do not use old books. Only use newer online websites.

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