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Part A: Written Report Critical analysis with associated recommendations of a given financial accounting concept(s), issue(s), and/or problem(s) written and published in an accounting journal. Required: You are required to prepare a written report and to critically analyse a selected (one) Article published in an accounting journal or from other sources of an academic accounting literature. Examples of these sources are given below. Much of the literature that will be useful to you was published in the first few years of the 21stcentury. You are required to select one (1) published article during 2005 to 2015. Some suitable academic journals to browse for this purpose include but are not limited to: Australian Accounting Review: Accounting, Auditing and Accountability: Accounting Research Journal: Accounting, Organizations and Society: Asia Pacific Journal of Management: Critical Perspectives on Accounting: European Accounting Review: International Journal of Accounting: International Journal of Accounting Education and Research: Journal of Applied Accounting Research: Journal of Business Ethics: The Accounting Review The suggested format of the Written Report consists of the following sections: I. Summary of the Article (in brief, limit of 500 words) II. Analysis/Critique a. Strengths of the published article (do not include the educational and/or work experience background of the authors) b. Weaknesses of the published article c. Implications to the Accounting Profession, if any d. Relevance to the Unit – Financial Accounting Theory III. Recommendation and Conclusion IV. References NOTE: A pdf copy of the selected published article (must be emailed to university so, I need that pdf file) and donot use the artice which i have uploaded.

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