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Your task is to compose a reading reflection discussing how Alexis de Tocqueville would evaluate a current event of your own choice—i.e., what Tocqueville’s perspective would add to a contemporary context. Reflection papers must be two pages long double-spaced using size-12 font and standard margins. Papers longer than three pages will be penalized.

A paper that earns full credit must do the following things:

  • 1)Select a relevant topic: the entire range of topics covered in Democracy in America are fair game, including relevant concepts (e.g., equality, freedom, individualism, etc.) and broader institutions (local townships, aspects of the social state, etc.).

  • 2)Textual analysis: you must make it clear that you have read and thought about Democracy in America. This means referencing and explaining relevant passages that support your discussion, and clearly articulating your interpretation of the text.
  • 3)Consider a current event: you must make a case for Tocqueville’s perspective on a current event of your choice.

  • 4)Use proper style: Your paper must have minimal grammatical and stylistic errors. You also need to cite your sources. I don’t care which citation style you use as long as your citations are consistent. If you’re citing a book, make sure to include the page number; if you’re citing a publication from a website, make sure to include the link. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source for this assignment. Finally, your citations list does not count toward your total paper length.

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