Recommended Read Karikari, J. a. Voicu, I. and Fang, I. (2011). FHA vs subprime mortgage origination

Recommended Read

Karikari, J. a. Voicu, I. and  Fang, I. (2011). FHA vs subprime mortgage originations: Is FHA the answer to subprime lending? Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 43, 441-458.




For your own state, determine whether:


    1. It is a judicial or nonjudicial foreclosure state
    2. The standard home loan is based on a deed of trust or a mortgage.
    3. There is a statutory right of redemption and, if so, how long.
    4. Deficiency judgments are allowed against defaulted homeowners.

Based on this information, can you judge whether your state is relatively lender friendly or borrower friendly? Explain. For assistance answering these questions, please use and 


State is GA

Real Estate Broker & Marketing
How do you think the real estate marketing function will change in the future? Do you believe real estate brokers will play a more important or a less important role in the selling and buying process? Why? 

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