Quiet Room

Deliverable Length:  3-4 pages (body of paper)

You are being interviewed for a job as a financial assistant. As part of the interview process, the office manager tells you there will be a short test to assess your familiarity with basic financial terms which would play a role in your ability to discuss and understand funds acquisitions with peers and the general public. 

You are a bit nervous about taking a test, but you did well taking a finance course in school, so you feel ready.

You are taken to a quiet room and given the following 10 financial terms. You are to write an explanation of the meaning of each of term in regards to meaning and real world application. The terms are as follows:

  • Net financial wealth
  • liquidity
  • credit
  • capital market
  • money market
  • debt securities
  • price indexes
  • insider trading
  • bond
  • financial disclosure

Put the answers in a separate table on this document. Using proper APA format, please cite the sources for your responses


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