For this week’s discussion board you will describe the healthcare process that you have identified to complete QI Assignment 1 this week and your efforts to complete the value stream analysis. Describe the process that you selected, and your initial efforts to complete all of the steps required to complete the Value Stream Map. Describe how you envision completing the value stream “walk” (the process of following each step of the process, observing, talking with staff, timing each step to determine cycle time). If you are using an actual process in your workplace describe your efforts to map the current state. If you are making up a process describe the the process steps you envision. Describe the high-level and midlevel steps in the process. Describe the challenges you are facing trying to complete each step of the VSM expercise. Seek input from your peers and provide feedback to your peers that may be helpful to them in completing their VSM exercise. The objective of this discussion board is to help you conceptualize how to complete QI Assignment 1.

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