Public Health Supply Chains


With few exceptions, vaccine supply and logistics systems around the world are unable to keep pace with growing immunization programs. The need to go deeper into the relationship between HR and immunization supply chains has been clearly spelled out as despite the advancements made in terms of technology and tools available, the overall performance of health supply chains, especially for vaccines administration and immunization systems in developing countries, are well below the international targets. There is strong empirical research claiming that rates of out-of-stock and wastage are high also due to staff being generally unqualified, poorly trained, un-empowered and poorly managed. The aim of the thesis is to conduct a systematic literature review to unfold existing knowledge on the topic.


The Gavi Alliance has invested significant resources on understanding the root cause of inefficiency in immunization supply chains, where 50% of vaccines gets wasted. The overlap between human Resource practices and Supply chain management has proven to be a real challenge for the sector. The objective of the thesis is then to better understand how the two domains interact in the existing literature

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