public health needs

  • What they’re doing.
  • What they are going to do.
  • And there plans for the future.

The second assessment expects you to use what you have researched and done in your community placement( NEWHAM FOREST GATE) and to place this in a policy context i.e. explain about the new public health structure and how it helps achieve better public health using what you have been doing to illustrate this,. You will be expected to show the relevance of the work that you did. Here you will need to show the context of the work that you did using local data i.e. how relevant was the topic that you worked on. Most worked in the local neighbourhood centres so here local health profile data is relevant. A few teams worked at borough level and so a broader picture is needed. How might your work – if continue – improve the health of local people?

  • Public Health Observatories – Search Results
  • Hub Data from 2014 – with borough comparison
  • Public Health Observatories – Training Video or just go to local health profiles below
  • Public Health Profiles at borough level
  • Plaistow Community Neighbourhood – not just Plaistow
  • You have access to the first few report – useful
  • Local Health Profiles – search on Newham and select your area

For the final link above you must be using a PC and microsoft OS

You will also be expected to review and evaluate the “new” public health framework. For example does the “new” public health policy and structure allow a better understanding of local health needs? Is public health now better able to help local health needs? You will have talked to health leaders, centre managers, community representatives, Healthwatch, civic leaders and (perhaps even a local health champion) about the health needs of the area in which you were based (or for some team the topic that you investigate). You can include this local research. This assessment allows you to review your placement work and requires you to place your work in a policy framework e.g. reviewing and evaluating the “new” public health role of local councils.

How might the success of what you proposed be judged i,e,how to assess health improvements. Use the health domain structure in the Health Outcomes to think about your work.

Mention also the “Joint Strategic Needs Assessment” (JSNA). Use relevant aspects of JSNA in your answer.

Extra material can be placed in appendixes and referred to in your assessment answer.

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