Public Health

  • n the Allender textbook, read Chapter 4 (pp.104-106); Chapter 11 (pp.363-380) & Chapter 12.
  • Watch the video Health Literacy: A Prescription to End Confusion
  • Research verbs for education outcomes (e.g., Bloom’s taxonomy)
  • Describe the community or population and consider their levels of readiness, education etc. (see page 373/374 textbook). Include references using APA style.
  • Develop a table with the following columns:

o Educational objective (include one educational objective)

o Content / Activity (use bullet points to list activities/content that will be provided to meet the educational objective)

o Educational strategy (summarize how content will be delivered / time frame)

o Evaluation (list method(s) to evaluate how you will measure if activity met educational objective)

  • Copy the table into the discussion board or attach as a word document. Comments on classmates’ assignment should include potential predisposing, reinforcing or enabling factors that may affect the outcome of the program, considerations about the practicality of the plan, ethical considerations, and one suggestion to help your classmates improve on the teaching plan.

For posting and grading guidelines and additional help with discussion activities, please refer to the Online Discussion Rubric located in the Evaluation Rubrics area of the course website and to the Student Handbook located within the General Information area of the course website.

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