PUB 540 GCU Gene-environment Interactions Discussion

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Question to answer:

One method to investigate gene-environment interactions is to study monozygotic twins.

– Identify an example of a twin study not listed in the textbook ( attached) used to examine the gene-environment interaction of a specific disease or condition.

– Briefly summarize the gene-environment interaction investigated, the methods, and the results.

– What are other possible methods for studying gene-environment interactions as they relate to improving population health?

study material:

Read “Gene-Environment Interaction,” located on the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences website.


Read “Defeating the ZIP Code Health Paradigm: Data, Technology, and Collaboration Are Key,” by Graham, Ostrowski, and Sabina, from the Health Affairs Blog (2015), located on the Health Affairs website.



minimum 250 words are more. APA style (intent cite and reference) strong academic writing and no plagiary.

2 or more reference (scholarly article or website (org / gov)

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