There are 5 questions that need to be answered with a minimum of 3 paragraphs per question.

Problem I – (50 points)

Please address in each part by way of a well-crafted and fluid essay response:

Part A:  Please define quality in your own words.

Part B: Please describe how conformance to requirements, fitness for use, and fitness for purpose provide a definition of quality for an information system or software product. Please give examples to support your essay response.

Part C:  Please explain why the teaching of Deming and Juran had such an impact on Japan just after World War II (and not the United States)?

Problem II – (50 points)

Please address in each part by way of a well-crafted and fluid essay response:

Part A:  Please define a process, product, and project metric?  Please give examples of each type of metric.

Part B:  Please describe verification and validation to include the activities that support these functions.

Part C:  Please describe how technical, management, and business reviews are different. Please give examples.

Problem III – (50 points)

Please address in each part by way of a well-crafted and fluid essay response:

Part A:  Please explain why, as an Information Technology Professional, your mere existence in an organization suggests change.

Part B:  Please explain how Change Management fits with an IT Project Management.

Part C:  Please compare and contrast Leavitt’s Model of Organizational Change and Lewin’s Model of Change.  How does Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s Grief Model compliment these two models? Please provide examples to support your essay response.

Part D:  Please discuss the five (5) approaches to managing or dealing with conflict in an organization.  If the Executive Leader of a particular organization believes in the “Great Man” Theory, which leadership style and conflict management style would this Executive adopt?

Problem IV – (50 points)

The CIO of Drewmobile Incorporated walks into your office one late Friday evening.  As she closes the door behind her, she says that “If you saying anything to anyone concerning what I’m about to tell you, you’re fired.”  She then explains that the team of programmers that you supervise will be “released to seek other options” and that all of your work project’s programming tasks, with respect to the new energy efficient electric engine, will be outsourced to a company located in Eastern Europe. Your job is to coordinate with this new outsource provider so that all programming work can be scheduled and transferred over in less than three (3) months.   In addition, you’re not to let on to any of Drewmobile’s programmers that they will soon be replaced.  She instructs you to carry on as nothing has changed.  In fact, Drewmobile Incorporated will give them a bonus if they can complete their current work assignment on the 500 mile lithium battery that powers the new energy efficient electric engine in three months rather than the scheduled four months.

As the project manager of this team, you’ve gotten to know each of the programmers fairly well.  For example, one of the programmers has just signed a mortgage to purchase her first house.  Another is a single mother with her oldest child just entering college, and another has just confided in you that he has been experiencing some health problems.

Please address in each part by way of a well-crafted and fluid essay response:

Part A:   Please explain which ethical leadership category the CIO of Drewmobile Incorporated falls into.

Part B:  Now consider your response to her request, and describe which ethical leadership category you would place yourself into. Please explain your response to the CIO in order to support your answer.

Part C:  Why are personnel issues important when an organization (for example, Drewmobile Inc) or project manager is considering outsourcing activities?

Part D:  Why is it important that organizations and project managers understand which activities should and should not be outsourced?  Did Drewmobile Incorporated violate this heuristic?

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