Project Management Tools and Applications

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In class excercise April 01, 2020</d2l-icon></d2l-button-icon></d2l-dropdown>Wolf Creek Farms CaseYou have inherited a century old farm house and acreage in Montana. You have visited the site and made an inspection. The house needs a great deal of repair work to get it marginally livable. You have itemized the most important things that need to be done and estimated the time required as shown below. The total estimated time is 160 work hours.You and your spouse want to use this house for vacations and as a rental property. However, just buying the supplies to fix it up will max out your budget. Therefore, if it is to be fixed up, the two of you will need to do the work. The two of you can arrange to take a two-week vacation. You have each committed to working 80 hours (160 hours total) over your vacation to fix up the house.This is a multi-part exercise. For the firstpart, sequence the activities by developing an AON network with Post it Notes. Each activity is to be done by one person. Start with the activity(ies) that can begin immediately and continue to ask “when this is done or when these 2 or 3 activities are done, what can we do now?” For this step, you are only considering the logical order. In later steps, you will consider who will perform each step. It is expected that you will have some “burst activities” after which there are multiple things that can start. It is also expected that you will have some “merge activities” that can only start once multiple other activities are complete.WBS Summaries and ActivitiesEst. Hours1 Purchasing1.1Purchase supplies21.2Purchase curtains22 Shutters and porch2.1 Repair shutters122.2 Paint shutters122.3 Rehang shutters42.4 Repair porch163 Floor3.1 Repair floor83.2 Sand floor103.3 Refinish floor244 Paint4.1 Paint ceilings104.2 Paint wood trim224.3 Paint walls205 Windows5.1 Wash exterior windows85.2 Wash interior windows85.3 Hang curtains200


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MS Project assignment 1</d2l-icon></d2l-button-icon></d2l-dropdown>Assignment 1Course Code:PMC 106Course Name:Project Management Tools and ApplicationsMarking Weight10% of the total course’s markActivity RationaleThis assignment will give you knowledge and skills to create all components of a project using MS Project and generate and assess all reports related to the project. As a project manager, you will need this knowledge and skills to run a project. Students work individually and submit the plan by Lecture 5 of the course through Submission Folder in Brightspace. This Assignment is worth 10% of the total course’s mark.Activity StepsActivity StepsEach student chooses a project of his/her own preferencesUsing MS Project, create a .mpp fileSet up the calendarSet up the resource sheetSet up the cost for the resourcesCreate 5 control account with minimum 5 activities in each control accountCreate milestones with each control accountsCreate dependencies between activitiesAllocate resources and costAdd three column EVM, % Complete & CostCreate milestones with each control accountsEvaluation ScaleTotal marks: 25CriteriaMark1Create a .mpp file12Set up the calendar13Set up the resource sheet14Setup the cost for the resources25Create 5 control account with minimum 5 activities in each control account56Create milestones with each control accounts27Create dependencies between activities58Allocate resources and cost59Generate three reports210Add three column EVM, % Complete & cost1

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