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LO. 1: Design a project proposal.

LO.6: Document all aspects of the of the project to industry standards.



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Background 2

Business, social or personal objective that needs to be addressed 3

Options that will be considered 4

Selection criteria and option analysis 4

Proposed project 5

Reason for selecting the project 6

Analysis of the external and internal business environment 6

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The present project is based on the implementation of the Electronic Health Record systems in the hospitals in Rhode Island. An electronic health record (EHR) is a digital format of a patient’s health report. These digital health records can be accessed and shared across various Healthcare centers. It is intended to store a huge amount of healthcare records and capture patient’s state across time. Our business deals with the implementation of EHR software in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. The business provides services in three major areas; EHR software, cloud services, and post-breach consultancy services. It is identified that most of the healthcare professionals are compelled to perform administrative works related to maintaining Healthcare records and other financial records (Aldosari, 2017). Thus, the use of EHR can help them to focus on their core responsibilities of taking care of sick and improving their quality of life. This software is intended to reduce the time-consuming official responsibilities and restructuring the whole medical establishments (Shickel, Tighe, Bihorac, & Rashidi, 2017). For this purpose, it is intended to conduct project work in which the EHR software will be installed in healthcare settings. 

Business, social or personal objective that needs to be addressed

The business, social and personal objectives that are intended to achieve by installing EHR are described by using the SMART approach. The goals mentioned in this report highlights revenue goals, clinical goals, and environmental protection goals. 

Specific – With the use of EHR in the healthcare setting can create a huge difference for the patient’s health and the care practice. In this way, the patients can get cured at a faster pace. 

Measurable – preserving the patient’s health record in electronic format reduces the chances of any data loss. This helps healthcare providers to quantify the current level of health status and the proposed or target goal (De Pietro, & Francetic, 2018). 

Attainable – The goal is to improve the efficiency, quality, and safety of patient’s health. It is also aimed to ensure the security and privacy of the patient’s personal health information. It is evident that these goals might become a stretch but can be achieved in the long-term by using this technology (Shickel et al, 2017). 

Relevant – The goal of improving Healthcare practice and also increasing the financial aspect can be directly achieved through the installment of EHR in hospitals. The inclusion of EHR will reduce the administrative staff who are required to handle the traditional approach of keeping the patient’s record. In this way, the hospital can save a significant amount of money and the doctors can focus on providing better care and treatment to the patients (Bruland, Doods, Brix, Dugas, & Storck, 2018). It will also reduce environmental impact as the paper-based health record is replaced by the electronic health record. 

Time-bound – A specific deadline is proposed to achieve the overall goals, which can range from 1 to 2 years. During this period, healthcare professionals will be provided the requisite information and training to operate EHR. 

Options that will be considered

While considering the implementation of EHR in healthcare settings, it is required to analyze the options in different aspects. In particular, the EHR based contracting and pricing should be clearly identified. In this context, the pricing structure of EHR and the Return on Investment calculation should be considered before EHR installment (Bruland et al, 2018). Most importantly, the basic features and functionalities of different EHR software should be analyzed and access the EHR which is most suitable for the specific healthcare center (Alsaffar, Yellowlees, Odor, & Hogarth, 2017). In this frame of reference, the owners of the healthcare center analyze the current workflow and determine the expected workflow option after installing EHR. Selecting the appropriate EHR, it is important to learn the different EHR software available in the market and discuss the same with doctors to analyze their perspectives. 

Selection criteria and option analysis

The project selection criteria for EHR implementation are to be based on primarily two factors: patient engagement and clinical decision support. The patient engagement describes features like the prescription refill, online booking, secure communication between clinicians and patients, and sharing and accessing clinical records (Bruland et al, 2018). These patient engagement features are expected to enhance the efficiency of health care practice by minimizing repetitive patient education, patient referrals, and diagnostic tests. The EHR based clinical support tools can also enhance the efficiency and quality of healthcare-related to preventative care and screenings through best clinical practices (De Pietro et al, 2018). 

The selection criteria and options analysis will further include the collection of critical healthcare practice, budget outlining, and shortlisting vendors. Finally, the project for EHR selection and implementation includes criteria such as affordability (within budget), suitability (cater requirement), culture, and efficacy (Shickel et al, 2017). 

Proposed project

A project proposal for EHR implementation will start in a small phase where the Healthcare employees will be allowed to become comfortable with this technology in their daily workflow. In this regard, the various elements which are to be included in the project plan for incorporating the EHR system are; 

Project summary – The project is based on implementing EHR system in different Healthcare settings by considering their requirements and work practices (De Pietro et al, 2018). 

Project objective – the objective of the EHR project is that it should ease the work procedure, thereby enhancing the quality of healthcare. Moreover, replacing paper-based healthcare record by digital healthcare records is expected to create a significant impact on environmental protection. 

Project actions – The healthcare team members will be provided with all-around information and knowledge for implementing and using the EHR system. A change management approach will be implemented by providing training and educational workshops (Alsaffar et al, 2017).  

Deliverables – The deliverables expected from the EHR project is better healthcare and treatment to patients. 

Reason for selecting the project

The HER implementation project is expected to assist the Healthcare practice. This approach will automatically retrieve, store and assist the information of patients from healthcare providers. In addition to this, health care providers are also assisted by this software for deciding the future course of treatment. It allows smooth communication with patience, Healthcare professionals, labs, and amazing facilities through electronic media, which in turn increases efficiency and documentation process (Shickel et al, 2017). This approach will help in accomplishing the hospital goal of reducing medical errors, efficient communication means, and gathering health information for research purposes (De Pietro et al, 2018). 

Analysis of the external and internal business environment

There are several pressures such as local competitiveness, incentive from the government, which forces healthcare organizations to adopt EHR. The internal factors which affect the healthcare environment comprise; organisational structure, managerial resource, core capability, and organization and culture. On the contrary, the external factors affecting the Healthcare environment are community factors and market factors. Thus, the adoption of EHR can positively affect the organizational structure thereby creating a stable health network. Moreover, to sustain in a competitive environment, it is required for a healthcare organization to adopt EHR and include the approach of cost reduction. According to studies, it is identified that the inclusion of EHR can save above $813 billion per year and strengths in the doctor-patient relationship (Alsaffar et al, 2017). 


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