project management communications

For this discussion, explain how project management communications occur in your organization. For example: Do you keep minutes of the meetings? Are they posted in Google Docs or some other Intranet location, or are they disseminated to team members and others? Does everyone have appropriate access to the project management tool, such as Microsoft Project? Who can add to the plan? Is there a designated person who can make changes, while everyone else has read-only rights? How, and how often, will you communicate with the executive team and other stakeholders? Response Guidelines Respond with substantive comments to the posts of your peers according to the Faculty Expectations Response Guidelines, comparing their perspectives to yours. When choosing posts to respond to, you are encouraged to consider one person with a perspective, background, or goals similar to yours, and one person whose perspective, background, or goals differ from yours. Ask any questions that will help you better understand their perspectives and extend the discussion. You must provide appropriate APA-formatted citations and references in your responses when referring to the ideas or work of others, to support an alternative viewpoint or substantiate a claim.

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