Project Charter and Management Plan

Project Charter and Management Plan

Project ClientOrganisation: Globex Corporation
System NameGlobex Network System
Date of Charter07/03/2020
Document StatusApproved Draft
Document ReferenceDraft Charter and PMP.docx
Version NumberVersion 1
Prepared ByITC306 Group Project
Team MembersPeter Deng Dayo Oyediran

Change History

All changes to the Project Charter must be recorded in the Change History, and the client must approve a new version of the charter

DateDescription of ChangeReason for ChangeAuthor of ChangeVersion No.
16/03/2020Initial project charter draftProvide draft charter and management plan for the project

Donkey on a Waffle Team Input
Version 1
06/04/2020Initial project Telos feasibility draftProvide project feasibility findingVersion 2
04/05/2020Solution, PMP documentsProject design and detail project managementVersion 3
25/05/2020Final documentation and presentationPresent final solution and presentation of the projectVersion 4

Authorised by






Change History 2

Authorised by 2

1. Purpose of the Charter. 4

2. Purpose of the Project 4

3. Business Objectives of the Project 5

4. Scope of the Project 6

5. Budget and Timeframe 9

6. Project Milestones and Deliverables 10

7. Project Resources 11

8. Client Resources 11

9. Technical Environment 12

PART 2 – Project Management Plan (a brief version) 13

1. Risk Management 13

2. Project assumption. 14

3. Variations 15

4. Dependencies 15

5. Constraints 16

6. Risk Assessment 16

7. Schedule (Microsoft Project software compulsory) 1

8. Monitoring & Controlling Mechanisms 1

9. References 2

  1. Purpose of the Charter.

The main Purpose of Project charter and management plan is to outline Globex project objectives, milestones, budgets and to cover the scope of what the project aims to achieve, as well as monitor the people involved, monitor and record project risks accordingly. The charter is an essential part of the Globex project planning and management documentation. It provides shared understanding between shareholders and stakeholders about what the project aims to achieve and how it would help promote better business practices. Documenting and planning the project charter allows Virtucon to ensure the project goals are met, and that there is clear responsibility for each part of the project. Team members are responsible for completing assigned parts of the project, it is the project manager’s responsibility to schedule tasks and issue budgets to assigned tasks.

  1. Purpose of the Project

The current structure of Globex’s network and systems are outdated, have a lower level of security. These systems require a complete overhaul in the form of a Network and Server hardware and software overhaul to be suitable for ongoing use into the future.The purpose of the Globex Corp System Upgrade is to improve the technology on and between the different Globex sites and have these sites seamlessly and securely networked together. The project purpose is to address Globex’s network needs and provide a secure system, reliable network structure by building and designing a new corporate network that is efficient and effective in providing all the necessary business function but reliable, user-friendly and secure, to ensure business continuity into the future by maintaining robust links and safe backups. With all this accounted for Virtucon will deliver a server on each site handling domain, network, file, firewall, and backup services, an Intrusion Detection System (IDS), a Syslog and SNMP Monitoring solution, Hyper V Failover, VPN Server, and a VOIP PBX. As well as building a robust meshed network topology between all sites and the cloud. The project will implement all this with a focus on a reliable network system, user friendly and secure communication driven by Globex’s needs.

  1. Business Objectives of the Project
NO.Business GoalsEvidence of Goal Achieved
1Globex needs an updated system to fulfil user’s daily needs and requirements and enhance business capability. The system will fit the company structure and business needs as well as meets industry standards. Providing secure and reliable communication system such as phone, online chats and calls.Users and staff can access resources securely, conveniently and provide I.T. services to end users. Globex’s three branches must be able to provide fail safe backup on cloud and support shared resources VOIP System implemented to minimise phone carrier expenses by using the VOIP system for internal calls Ability for staff to use their phone extension remotely
2A user friendly and efficient support systemUsers are able to access secure services and programs online with laptop, desktop or tablets remotely share or transfer data files and being able to send, retrieve and receive from cloud backup storage securely.
3The new upgraded network structure should be reliable, faster and secure, providing all the support Globex required to perform daily business needs.Globex would have the ability to provide support and services to their clients such as Farm Equipment and Precision Farming products on time, through secure access points and without errors on the network system failure and have proper backup system.
4Detect and prevent unauthorised access to company data/systemsNetwork monitored for malicious activities Security threats and policy violations trigger alerts for IT staff and/or automated responses
5Share company resources between all sitesStaff can securely share and access company information from a cloud hosted intranet Staff can securely access resources located at other offices
  1. Scope of the Project

The project team will provide the client with the following items

In ScopeIncludes
System FunctionsThe system will enable user connection via onsite servers handling AD/DNS/DHCP/File/Firewall/Backups Design and build a brand-new network infrastructure for Globex with capability to enhance communications, reliability, and speed. Network System to protect Globex’s information and safeguard against security or network breaches, and providing the ability to transfer data, and access to cloud services Inter-site VPN for secure connections to remote resources. Full mesh topology network separate domains with trusts between them and to establish a direct connection to the cloud servers by means of HTTPS and VPN for the Intranet. Firewall and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Backup system Syslog + SNMP monitoring service Redundancy in the case of server failure
System DocumentationProject Charter and PMP Requirements Specification Feasibility Study. Draft Design – Detailed PMP. Requirements Specification Research Report. Solution Design Document (Draft) Test Plan Final Documentation & Presentation. User Manual – System Administration User Manual – Training Credentials Network Topology Any other documentation requested by Globex that is approved for release to the third parties by Virtucon
TrainingAs Globex is responsible for providing goods and services to their clients. A company representative must have undergone training and development on the new network and systems. Short and detailed training sessions, seminars, and a well written manual to train user on the new system.
Device configurationThe configuration files of all network devices and configuration parameters of the different systems and applications will be provided electronically along with all technical documentation and credentials required to maintain the systems to the Globex’s Corporation IT manager.
Site ScopeWhere onsite work is required, Virtucon will perform onsite work at Globex. The remaining work will be performed remotely. Globex are responsible for providing a safe and secure work environment for Virtucon staff whilst onsite including desk, chair and access to Australian standard 240V outlets
Out of ScopeNotes
System support and enhancements and Hosting and Ongoing costsOnce successful handover of the project to the Globex, system support and enhancements are the responsibility of Globex. Including technical support, software licences and warranty of hardware used in the solution. Software Licenses and associated costs Hosting costs and arrangements. On-going problem resolution and maintenance after the have demonstrated the system at the end of the project in October 2020
Power infrastructureElectricity (Excluding UPS for server and networking equipment)
IntegrationExisting systems are being decommissioned and integration with them is not in scope
End User Compute (EUC)End user compute devices are out of scope
Web serverWeb server will be delivering at the app level, all content, and data migration, will need implemented by Globex
Anything not in scope is out of scopeVirtucon specifies that anything that is not specifically listed in the above in scope section or treated elsewhere in this document as in scope may be considered out of scope at Virtucon’s discretion
  1. Budget and Timeframe

There is no budget for this project.

The time allocated for the project design is between 03/03/2020 to early October 2020. The table in section 1.6 below shows the scheduled time for milestones and deliverables although the allocated time for each task may be changed with client’s permission and approval from project mentors, for example, when a task is completed ahead of time or behind schedule.

  1. Project Milestones and Deliverables
Project MilestoneDeliverableExpected Date
Project Start upCharter and Management Plan16/03/2020
Solution RequirementsSpecification of Requirements (use cases or similar) Test Strategy Updated Project Plan06/04/2020
Feasibility StudyAssess project methods and define whether it is economical or technically feasible.06/04/2020
Draft designDetailed project management PMP.04/05/2020
Solution DesignFully worked out architecture and detail of design04/05/2020
Final ReleaseDocumentation Solution, backup files and FAQ on guidebook or Hard drive.25/06/2020
Implementation & Cut overImplement network and systems, and cut over form old systems and hardware to new.25/06/2020
Successful project handoverProject test results Hand over completion project to Clients25/09/2020
  1. Project Resources
Test hardwareHardware exists for the purposes of developing and presenting a proof of concept for the Albury site.
Documentation templatesExisting templates for key project management templates exist and can be used.
Enterprise Grade Networking EquipmentDevices designed to be used securely within medium to large sized business to deliver Fast and robust networks.
SoftwareVarious types of software will be required and sourced, including but not limited to, server software, SYSlog and SNMP software, VOIP Software etc.
Vendor supportVendor support for Hardware and software in the event of configuration issues or damage to software or devices.
  1. Client Resources
Client ManagerCoco Vandeweghe
Globex Project Manager Email:
2x 1hr online meetings per month Available by email in between meetings
User RepresentativePaul Smyth
Globex IT Manager
2x 1hr online meetings per month Available by email in between meetings Response to emails, technical questions.
  1. Project Team Resources
RolesNameTime frame
Project ManagerPeter DengLife of Project
Requirements EngineerPeter DengLife of Project
DesignerOyediran OludayoLife of Project
Test EngineerOyediran OludayoLife of Project
Network EngineerOyediran OludayoLife of Project
Technical WriterPeter DengLife of Project
Hardware/Network ConsultantOyediran OludayoLife of Project
Project TrainerPeter DengLife of Project
  1. Technical Environment

The project schedule, completion would be an overall overhaul of the Globex existing network infrastructure system and incorporating it into the existing technical environment. The environment therefore is considered into consideration during project design and development.

The technical environment on site will consist of appropriate server, storage, networking, SYSlog and SNMP monitoring server and software tools. As well as a secure server room with adequate cooling.

PART 2 – Project Management Plan (a brief version)

The advance in Technology development over the years has increased the demands for businesses to use some form of information technology in daily operation and have increased demands for more sophisticated IT security due to the rise threat level and security concerns worldwide. Eric Dontigney (2008) stated a project plan must keep all the team players on the same page. Without a project plan in place, the project team members may misinterpret the overall goals of the project and underestimate threat and issues related to budget and schedule due to poor project management.

  1. Risk Management

Risk management would be an event in which the project team identify, evaluated and prioritised the coordination activities by monitoring resources and minimising impact of uncontrollable events during project development. This includes positive and negative risks that can seriously influence the project outcome and reliability. Rouse (2013) defines risk management as methodical procedures of pinpointing project risk and regulating this through the risk evaluation process.
We have determined that there is a medium risk to business continuity in the undertaking of this due the use of shared networking infrastructure utilized in both the existing network and proposed network, such as internal wiring and internet connections. Any changes or obstacles encountered are identified, discussed, monitored and controlled.

There is business continuity risk in that this will be a rip and replace project, the 2 networks will not be able to run side by side and the new network must theoretically and in practice meet Globex’s requirements to mitigate this risk. We intend to minimize this risk using a well-designed project plan approved by Globex to fully ensure the proposed design meets if not exceeds Globex’s requirements.

  1. Project assumption.

This section outlines the assumptions made for this project. These assumptions have been considered into our project plan. The Globex network structure, it’s plan and estimates, are assumed to have the following expectations of the project outcome once completed.

  • Globex would require a network system that is reliable, secure, user friendly system and built in security features to fend off threats of unauthorised access either internal or externally.
  • Team members are able to complete and accomplish assigned tasks on time, and within schedule, budget, and project overall scope.
  • Planning and overall tracking of project activities by using Microsoft Project will allow us to estimate and establish timeframes and budget needed for each part of the project. The project manager and team will clarify all project activities and make sure all project goals and milestones are understood and schedule accordingly. Each week during the meeting if necessary, updates are made.
  • It is the responsibility of the project manager to ensure that all project achievements such as goals or milestones are recorded to demonstrate progress and results in accordance with the scope, schedule and budget provided.
  • An effective network that would allow access, transferring, receiving of data, and improved communications between sites.
  • The network will be secure.
  • The project timeline won’t change for the life of the project expecting it a change is agreed upon both Virtucon and Globex.
  • Required resources will be available
  • The project will be delivered without interruption or suspension by Globex
  • Any changes to the agreed design, as accepted by Globex, will incur a charge in accordance with the Variation paragraph below
  • Globex and Virtucon will assign the required technical, managerial and project resources to the project to support the successful outcome
  • Globex and Virtucon will provide project resources for the full life cycle of the project attending meetings and providing feedback as required by the project group
  • Any information required for the project or actions to be completed by Globex will be provided or completed within the agreed timeframes
  • Globex will make available all resources Virtucon reasonably requires in executing the works required for the project, within the required timeframes
  1. Variations

In the event that the scope of the project changes beyond that described in this Statement of Work/Charter, Virtucon may issue a Project Change Request (PCR) to cover any additional effort required to incorporate the variation into the existing engagement.

Any potential variations will be documented in detail and agreed with Globex nominated Project Manager prior to the implementation of any changes to the scope. This may result in modifications to the estimated schedule, charges and other terms of the project.

  1. Dependencies

This project is dependent on the following:

  • Resource availability – people, time, technology, skills, software, hardware etc
  • Client requirements – the project will not be successful unless the client understands and accepts what deliverables are expected
  • External factors – these include changes to the market, global disasters etc
  • internal factors – these include resource availability, change of client requirements etc
  1. Constraints

Constraints are limitation imposed on a project

The constraints within which the project will operate are as follows:

  • The Time allocated for the project design is between 15 to 31 weeks for Both ITC306 and ITC308. The project must be completed within this time frame. However, this is only for ITC306, ITC308 would have similar time frame.
  • The budget and schedule allocated for the project in the section above must be sufficient enough for the development of the Globex network structure. The total amount of time and budget spent must be close to the proposed budget estimated.
  • The network design and system would be limited to the predefined project scope. The project scope would determine what work need done and confirmed work is completed.
  • The network would rely on group work shared tasks equally and perform different project duties thought-out the project development life cycle.
  1. Risk Assessment

Project risk management is the process of identifying, analysing and then responding to any risk that arises over the life cycle of a project to help the project remain on track and meet its goals. Process includes pointing out risk and ranking risk and prioritising those risk. Making the best decision on risk management and process would safeguard the project long term given today environment project risks are increasingly high. Please note the below table is relevant only during project production. Upon completion of the project, Virtucon takes no responsibility for the risks associated with any deliverable.

Below (Next Page) are Globex’s Project risk rankings and priorities based on threat level.

Risk Rating and Mitigation

RankingPossible risk unwelcome event outcomeLikelihood (L) 1,2,3Severity of risk (S) 1,2,3Outcome
Risk Mitigation or ContingencyWho is Responsible?
1Network security or cyber attack6848Update or implement a better authentication protocols and procedures throughout the systemVirtucon
2Network breach, computer virus7856Install antivirus software into the network system and block access and download from unsafe websites, also block untrusted sites.Virtucon or Globex, dependent on the specific incident.
3Unauthorised network access4312Better intrusion detection system and security to signal any unauthorized access. Strict access to information only authorised personnel can access information that is sensitive.Virtucon or Globex, dependent on the specific incident.
4disclosure or distribution of sensitive information5525Ensure staff are trained on privacy and security clarify the importance of data integrity and confidentiality.Virtucon or Globex, dependent on the specific incident.
5Hardware and software failure4416Ensure any hardware and software used meets required industry standard protocols and are regularly tested, have a backup system and data.Virtucon
6Loss of data due to security breach5525Set up data backup options and prevent deletion of data by unauthorized individualsVirtucon or Globex, dependent on the specific incident.
7Total network and system failure due to power outage339Set up data backup options and prevent deletion of data by unauthorized individualsGlobex as stated power is out of scope
  1. Schedule (Microsoft Project software compulsory)

“ITC306 Project.mpp”

  1. Team control

Project managers will control and supervise the project team as well as monitor the overall progress of the project. On a weekly basis team updates are made and shared among members, with project issues discussed and addressed properly. Once done an updated report would be shared with Globex to ensure that the team progress is on track and focusing on project goals, deliverables, and milestones. The team will also have meetings on agreed time and dates with clients and project sponsors to discuss project goals and ensure that project changes are made immediately and recorded in reasonable timeframes.

  1. References

Dontigney, E. (n.d.). Importance of Developing a Project Plan. Retrieved August 9, 2016, from

Mullaly, M. (February 2007). Just a 4-Letter Word? Retrieved 05/02/2007 from  web site: .

Pfleeger, S. L. (2007). Assessing Project Risk. Retrieved 05/02/2007 from: .

Rouse, M. (2013). Risk management. Retrieved August 10, 2016, from

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