project about the benefits of online learning


All through this course you have been working toward developing a college-worthy project. During the first part of the class you chose a topic. During subsequent weeks you collected research, created an outline, assembled an annotated bibliography, and developed and modified a draft of your work. It is now time to turn in your project for credit.  

Before submitting your project for credit please be sure to:
  • Carefully proofread your words;
  • The project requires an attractive, title page that includes your name and the informationyou are likely to find on the title page of an APA paper
  • A brief outline of the presentation should appear early in  the project
  • The body of the presentation must touch on all important concepts in your topic
  • The presentation should include several visual, audio, or animated components
  • At least one quotation (with citation) is required in the presentation
  • Attribute information in the presentation to the resources
  • A summary must restate the main ideas of the topic
  • A reference list, using APA formatting, should be included as the last page of the document
Remember, this is a presentation and not a research paper that you are creating. In week three’s forum, you created a presentation. Two of the options for creating that presentation were Prezi and PowerPoint, which will work for this project.  You could also use SlideBomb, Zoho, or Google Slides which are all free online presentation software like Prezi. Here are the websites to these presentation resources:

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