Program performance and project management

Program performance and project management

QSO-680 Milestone Two

Reinaldo Roman

Southern New Hampshire University

Professor Steven Coleman

May 10, 2020


The project governance arrangement is the procedural framework that will execute the depiction of the project decision making. The assessment of the critical elements that are associated with the project will be depicted as the delegations of the project. The essential perspectives of the issues that are established in order to provide success to the established objectives of the organization are the delegations of the project[ CITATION Onu15 l 1033 ]. The archive establishment that secures the execution of the web portal on the note of being socially available in an effective manner, the website with the most optimum features, and excelling in the supportive services are required.

There are certain involvements of the evaluations which are portrayed in the dimensions of the vision implications. The factors assessed to be evaluated assessments passing through nettle’s operations. These are the different propensities of change which are to be implied and inducted to the course of operationalization of the project. There are certain different distinctions that are highlighted in the different implications as per the success gradient of the project. There are certain propensities of project which are highlighted at course of the evaluation of the project and operations.

These are assessed to be portraying in the system of the operationalized induction of the issues prevailing in the distinctions associated with change. There are certain are essentially ascertained arrangements in order to ensure the course of the operations and the direction in which the individuals are headed. The implications of the different course of the actions which are prevailing in the dimensions of change and the enhancement of the operations are the optimizations at the company. The measure of this change is the factor that can be assessed to be evaluated and inserted in the course of the different factors which are collectively carrying out the contributions to the project.

Purpose and justification

The essential critical points that are to be assessed in the course of the execution of the project are the essential course of actions that is to be well considered in order to get the most optimum output will be termed as the critical review points of the execution of the project. The course of security compliance, the assessment of the essential means of the data storage, the availability of the end product to public, The interactivity of the secure API, the ensuring of the copyrights of the uploaded photographs, and the execution of the course of final testing and the final revision of websites is an essential critical review point of the project.

The appropriate authorizing authority is the legal information authority of Australia[ CITATION Aus198 l 1033 ]. The constitution has special legislation that has the propensity to allow or delete any kind of website in the state if it fails to meet the essential criteria of compliance. There are essential principals of the intellectual property and the associated preliminaries that are bound to the observed before the site is launched. The authorization of the national archive center of Australia is also an essential authority that is required to work in compliance. The authorization from the destination of Australia is also an essential authorizer that has to make sure that the web is in compliance with all the rules and regulations before making it available for public use. The safety compliance and the issues that are associated with the state security and the course of actions that are essential for the governance of the web are the essential review points. These are the review points that will be considered.

Scope description

The project scope, in this case, is to develop such a constructed platform that will provide the most optimum execution of functionality that will grant the best possible deliverables to the users of the information. The essential course of exhibition that is required for the display of the API linking and the smooth execution of the site is the project scope in the form of a web base[ CITATION Bin161 l 1033 ]. To execute the best web portal that is the smoothest functioning and is in compliance with all the essential deliverables.


  Solution Vision Cost Analysis Change Management System Testing Activate 
  Design and Staffing Risk Assessment Operations Stress Testing Closing Analysis 
  Other Task Technology Beta Testing Release Prep Other Task 

Gantt chart

  Project management      May-2020 June-2020
W19     W20     W21     W22     W23     
  Project Budget: Estimated: $140,000 | Baseline: $135,698.00| Task Costs: Estimated: $2,222.00 | Baseline: $13,722.00 | Actual: $135,698.00        456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930311234567
  WBSTask NamePriorityResourceStartFinishDurationPercent Complete MTW
 1Creation of design proposalNORMALOrganizationFri 08-May-20Thu 21-May-20100%                                    
 2Architecture DesignNORMALOrganizationFri 08-May-20Fri 08-May-2010%                                    
 3Construction DocumentsNORMALOrganizationFri 08-May-20Fri 08-May-2010%                                    
 4Construction PhaseHIGHOrganizationFri 08-May-20Fri 08-May-2010%                                    
 5signing of the agremental planNORMALOrganizationFri 08-May-20Mon 11-May-2020%                                    
 6Foundation establishmentNORMAL Fri 08-May-20Fri 08-May-2010%                                    
 7Assessing ConcreteNORMALOrganizationFri 08-May-20Fri 08-May-2010%                                    
 8Completion of ConstructionNORMAL Fri 08-May-20Fri 08-May-2010%                                    
 9Decoration PhaseNORMALOrganizationFri 08-May-20Fri 08-May-2010%                                    
 10Completion of ProjectNORMALOrganizationFri 08-May-20Fri 08-May-2010%                                    

High level Requirements

The context of the background of the project unfolds in such a manner that it depicts issues that are being faced by the old API system of the website. Earlier, the website is limited to a common availability but is now broadened to being an unlimited and open sourced. The project was established and triggered in order to gain the essential improvement implication of the results. The project manager is responsible for the sake of tracking of the project. The assessment of the subject matter with respect to the extent regarding the operations that are to be executed with the relevant essential deliverables.


The specific part of this project is the assessment of the issues that are associated in the context of achievement of the goals of remodeling of the website. The measurable aspect is the inclusion of the deliverables in the scenario. The attainable objective is the availability of the site to the public level. The realistic objective is the launch of the site to portray the tourist activities; Timely object is the encompassing of all these objectives in one single success of the project[ CITATION Bje17 l 1033 ].


The assessed deliverables of the project include the website being hosted for the purpose of saving archives to the public. The availability and the security of data is also an essential aspect that should be brought appropriately in the deliverables; the provision of a protective security policy is also an essential aspect. The privacy act compliance is an essential deliverable of the project. The quality of service and the time frame of the response is also an essential aspect of the acknowledgment of deliverables. The acceptance criteria for the project are to provide the deliverables after meeting the essential level of satisfaction and timely monitoring of the issues. It will otherwise not be acceptable if he essential deliverables of the project are not met in due time. For instance, the course of timely response and quality service is an uncompromisable deliverable; in the same manner, the deliverable of privacy and protection policy is also an essential deliverable.

Acceptance criteria

The project manager has the responsibility to assess and evaluate the progress of the work. The stakeholders associated with the accessing of the data from the Commonwealth portal and those associated with the evaluation of the security measures have the roles and responsibility.


List of all known constraints:

The time duration and the limitedness of the resources are a constraint that might possibly affect the performance of the execution.


The following assumptions have been made:

The assumption of the issues that are associated with the constraints that can be sorted out through the timely planning of the initiatives is an essential assumption.


The dependency of the execution of the project on the propensity of the assumption and planning in order to mitigate the issues addressed in the constraints is an essential dependency in the course of project success.

Outstanding Issues

There are no outstanding issues in the project. This is because the essential aspects have been identified and preplanned. Envisionment, Speculation, exploration, adaptation, and closing of the project. These are the essential phases of the speculated problem solving method.


The major milestones in the execution of the procedures associated with the attaining of the defined deliverables are to be identified as the major milestones. These are the major implications that are essential to be achieved before the official launch of the site. The provided dates are assessed as per the optional deliverable denoting as 15 November for collection of the scope requirement, 17 November for the defining of the scope, and 20 November for the defining of the baseline.

Immediately action that will take place in preparation for the evaluation of the overall project, areas to improve, and website evaluation and investigation of changes will be made in order to provide the appropriate action of mediation.

In case of the changes that are required on the note of the change management program it is essential to be opted after the appropriate study of the issues that are requesting the change. The change requests are to be entertained on the basis of the provided issues and the change of scope is made in such a manner that those changes are well addressed. This will implement the course of mitigation of issues in the scope management.

The new base lines are to be communicated in such formal manner that they are sufficient enough to portray the need of the change and the issues associated. This will be preferable in the form of a report. In the form of meetings it is possible to elaborate on the issue.

  1. The opted method of the identification of the creep will be the evaluation technique that is being opted in order to assess the progress of the scope of the plan.
  2. The impact will be null as the creep has been identified before the onset of the course of impact.
  3. The situation is to be handled in such a manner that the discrepancy plan is tailored immediately and the course of essential requisites is met at the sudden change moment in order to meet the change requirement.

Cost estimations

The assessment of the project is carried out after the assessment of the essential deliverables in the scope, and the analysis is made by the senior management to accept the presented scope. This is executed after the evaluation of the project and after the essential testing and analyzing of the planning system. The execution of the course of the project by the project manager will provide the essential assessment and will make a measurement of the project on the basis of the performance. In this manner cost estimations are also construed.

In case of the changes that are required on the note of the change management program it is essential to be opted after the appropriate study of the issues that are requesting the change. The change requests are to be entertained on the basis of the provided issues and the change of scope is made in such a manner that those changes are well addressed. This will implement the course of mitigation of issues in the scope management.

Cost-benefit analysis

The cost for identified change is estimated to be almost $3000 or more. However, this can increase to almost $14,999 based on the severity of issues identified and changes required to be made. The time impact in case of the change to be addressed may include 2 to 3 days. However, in the case of knock-on impact on the other tasks in the project can extend the overall time required for the change to take place. There is limitedness in resources as is identified above; however, it is necessary to meet the requirement of scope change to ensure the successful and secure outcomes for the project and website. Therefore, resources will be used based on the evaluation and issues, factors and problems identified. This may include evaluation tools, software, required hardware, and related equipment.

The measurement of the scope performance is done by the final assessment of the project manager. There is a final course of evaluation that is conducted by the experts on the context of the essentials in the deliverables. This is an essential evaluation that is required by the members of the project as well as the legal requirements to assess in the appropriate manner to get the appropriate scope performance. In this manner, it is possible to get the essential performance of the website before the appropriate launch of the web for public use.


An alternative solution may include risks and can lead to greater challenges in operational aspects after the delivery of the project. This can further result in disturbances. However, the alternative solution is that once the project is completed and updating of the site is done, investigating and evaluating should be considered based on the encountered issues and related factors. However, in case of major problems or issue identified, there may be technical problems, bugs and other related operational issues that can cause a delay as may require increased time and cost to deal with.


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