Principles of Health Care Administration

Cost and Quality

Total Health Care Per Capital$3,174$4371$8608
Total Health Expenditure as a % of GDP9.30%11.10%17.90%
Life Expectancy at Birth (M / F)79 / 8678 / 8376 / 81
Child Mortality Per 1000 (Both)348
Adult Mortality Per 1000 (M / F)84 / 4696 / 51131 / 77
Data Source: World Health Organization Statistics

As you can see in the chart above, though the United States has had the highest health care expenditure in the world, the health status of the entire population has lagged behind numerous developed countries.

The Affordable Care Act is aimed at promoting quality of care along with cost reduction, but health care organizations wrestle with meeting all of the challenges.

Present to your classmates a quality improvement & cost saving project that you read about in a scholarly source, addressing the following eight key questions:

What was the health care setting (hospital, clinic, nursing home, etc.)?

What were the problems/issues leading to the change project?

Who were the stakeholders involved in the project?

What was the timeframe involved in the project?

What were the financial resources allocated to the project?

What were the results on quality improvement?

What was the evidence on cost saving?

Leatt and colleagues (1997) recommended nine approaches for successful cost cutting. Which approaches are demonstrated in your case?

Discussion 2


Describe the benefits of teams for both health care organizations and for individual team members.

Discuss the characteristics of dysfunctional teams and potential methods for resolving the dysfunction.

Your initial post should be at least 300 words. Support your response with a minimum of two scholarly sources.

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