Preventing and controlling infectious diseases and managing personnel health and safety

This assignment is intended to assess the following learning outcomes:

  1. a) Explain the use of descriptive and inferential statistics in the design and interpretation of health and healthcare research, and in service improvement.
  2. b) Identify the nature and sources of information and data needed to write a research proposal and report using appropriate research process criteria
  3. c) Plan a research project appropriate to a field of study
  4. d) Select and implement appropriate analytical techniques
  5. e) Constructively critique the research of others, identifying strengths and weaknesses in technique, analysis and conclusions.
  6. f) Evaluate an existing healthcare or service programme

Details of the task In your report and plan you will be expected to:

1) Select a health outcome relevant to your programme (Health Service Management) and critically evaluate research studies relating to a service designed to improve this health outcome.

2) Your critical evaluation should include discussion of the creation, expansion, contracture or closure of the service.

3) Discuss the significance of the service in terms of its health, economic and social impact by providing critical analysis of research.

4) Describe populations (geographically, socially, economically, etc) that may benefit most from this service (please make reference to specific research evidence to support the information presented).

5) Identify research priorities relating to this service. i.e. Is further research/evaluation required?

6) Provide a plan to describe how research/evaluation may provide more information about the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of this service

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