Practices of resource management

Re: A.C.1.1 Resources required for achieving Objectives

As a departmental manager, the different objectives to be achieved by the medium sized IT Company include;

  1. To raise sales by 10% percent and profit by 15% percent in two years’ time.
  2. Enhance customer satisfaction level by 20% by the end of 2018 determined by customer satisfaction surveys.
  3. Increase the level of individuals who visit our site to (40%) before the month’s over of March-2018.
  4. React every day to phone messages or calls concerning the status of requested supplies or gear.
  5. Prepare and guide workers by clarifying new or reconsidered arrangements, and leading formal introductions and preparing gatherings
  6. Acquaintance of input frameworks with screen execution
  7. Accomplish more prominent condition mindfulness by diminishing vitality utilization and utilizing reused and biodegradable materials.

From a general perspective, the human resources that are involved in achieving the objectives include training and development, employee acquisition, project management, compliance management and cost and quality control. On the other hand, the physical resources include tangible items essential and available for business operations. The physical resources include facilities, buildings, vehicles, and machines with financial resources including cash, bank deposits, and investments such as stocks and bonds.

From the identified objectives of the organisation which is medium sized IT Company, the following resources are required;

  • Human resources: (time, training, new employees) hire counselors to help with the employees training, in addition to hiring an expert to assist in implementing our environment program. This would help achieve all identified objectives.
  • Physical resources: (space, safe premises, office equipment) computers and stationary in addition to energy-efficient light bulbs, boilers and air-conditioners specifically objectives 5,6 and 7.
  • Financial resources: Training budget (salary of new recruits), marketing budget (advertising fees). All these are essential from objective 1 to 7.

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