PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Create a presentation based on the Week Four Persuasive Messages Part I assignment. Apply the principles of designing effective slides discussed in the textbook as you develop your presentation. The presentation should include 7 to 10 slides with detailed speaker notes. Include the following:

  • Title Slide (presentation title, date, your name, company name, if applicable)
  • Introduction (include this heading… this slide will provide an overview of your presentation)
  • Central idea (include this heading…)
  • Recommendation (include this heading…)
  • Benefits (include this heading…)
  • Impact if product does not sell (include this heading…)
  • Conclusion (include this heading… this slide should summarize the entire presentation)


Important! Go back to the Week 4 assignment, Persuasive Messages. Part I was the message to persuade your boss, not the end customer. The boss/leadership is the intended audience of this presentation.

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