Portfolio and Personal Networking This assignment contains two parts: Part I : A discussion on your

Portfolio and Personal Networking

This assignment contains two parts:

  • Part I: A discussion on your portfolio
  • Part II: A discussion on professional networking opportunities available

Part I

Post a description of your complete portfolio to this Discussion Area. This description should include:

  • The title and brief description of every piece that will be a part of your portfolio, an explanation of the relevance of each piece in your portfolio, and a justification of each inclusion
  • An explanation on how you plan to order your portfolio and why

Part II

In this part, you will identify some professional networking opportunities. Also, InITS4104 Capstone II, you will discuss and establish some personal networking resources.

Consider the following ideas for professional networking that you learned in this week:

  • Local Chamber of Commerce
  • Local professional organizations
  • Local volunteer opportunities
  • Area trade shows

Using this Discussion Area, discuss and post the following:

  • Provide details of at least three different professional networking opportunities in your area (one each from three different areas).
  • Identify and provide a rationale for the opportunities you plan on pursuing for this course. Describe how you will approach the opportunity.
  • Describe the opportunities that other classmates located for their professional networking list. Add at least two other opportunities to your own list.
  • Consolidate all opportunities in one list of professional networking opportunities.
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