Population Health

Visit the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare website and choose one of the nine (9) national health priority areas to answer the following:

1. Why is this health issue a national health priority? Include in your answer epidemiological evidence (such as incidence or prevalence both nationally and internationally) and what is known about the burden of mortality and morbidity on the Australian population.

2. Using evidence (must include at least two peer reviewed articles) describe one strategy (this can be national or international) that has been successful in addressing your chosen health priority. Your answer should include an assessment of the success of this strategy – depending on the type of strategy and the evidence available, the assessment should consider two (2) of the following:

• Improvements in health outcomes
• Better use of health services – this could be through more sustainable services, or more effective collaboration between health, human services and community organisations.
• Community capacity building.
Change in local, state, national or international policy

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