political risk analyst

As a political risk analyst, you have been asked to prepare a short report detailing the

possible consequences to business operations of a multi-national enterprise (MNE) working

in the coffee sector in a politically-unstable country in Latin America. Your clients wish to

know the possible effects of expropriation, confiscation, or domestication of their business.

You should explain what each of these actions might comprise, and suggest potential

counter-measures that your client could adopt to pre-empt this occurrence, or ameliorate the

situation should action be taken against you.


The following are three British companies hoping to internationalise their operations into


i) a retail bank (specialising in short-term loans to agriculturalists)

ii) a manufacturer of high quality mobile homes / camper vans

iii) a designer / manufacturer of top-of-the-range branded clothing

As they operate in different industry sectors, each company is likely to favour a different

method of market entry. Discuss the relative merits of possible means of market entry for

ONE of the above companies and then decide which is the most appropriate. Justify your



It is universally recognised that performance management is critical to the success of

organisations operating in a global context. There are a number of conventional techniques.

Critically analyse such approaches as well as alternative methods.


Critically evaluate the key concepts of VRIO and distinctive capabilities for achievement of

sustainable competitive advantage. Use relevant examples from manufacturing and service

firms to discuss how their resources help in achieving competitive advantage. Using VRIO,

explain whether competitive advantage of those firms is sustainable or not.


In a global and diverse work environment, the phenomenon of ‘groupthink’, which is about

over-cohesiveness in teams/groups, may be seen as a positive occurrence than a problem.

Discuss the phenomenon of ‘groupthink’ whilst considering the globalised environment and

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