Organizational Transition to Electronic Health Records

  1. What is the current health information system being used and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the system?
  2. Explain how a new system could improve the quality of care, simplify existing processes, and improve patient outcomes (2.1).
  3. Discuss how the data is currently captured, tracked, analyzed, and shared (2.2).
  4. Identify one new EHR system available that the organization should consider.
  5. Explain what the new system must have in terms of capability and function and how it would be tested (1.4).
  6. Analyze industry standards and best practices for electronic health records (3.1).
  7. Discuss how the data would be captured, tracked, analyzed, and shared (2.2).
  8. Is this different from the current system? How? Identify, at a high level, if this EHR system has met the requirements for meaningful use (1.1).
  9. Estimated costs(2–3 pages): What are the estimated costs of implementation including the cost of staff resources? (1.2).
  10. Considering the current budget, how will the transition be funded? (1.3).
  11. Stakeholders and decision makers(1–2 pages): In this organization, who are the main stakeholders and decision makers?
  12. Which of the key individuals exhibit the most influence?
  13. Discuss the data that will be used to influence stakeholders, drive decision-making, and improve organizational performance (4.1, 4.2).

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