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Organizational Analysis Assignment Small groups have been randomly assigned to conduct an organization analysis.The group report must include the following sections:1.Brief description of the organization under analysis.This can be an organization familiar to one of the members of the group, or an organization that can be readily examined through the use of commonly accessible information sources, and which is easily understood by all members of the group.2.An analysis section applying concepts from the chapters we have covered so far, to an organization of your choosing.Each course concept should be identified as a separate section, and your writing must include a description that indicates your strong knowledge about the concept chosen, as well as excellent thinking about how the communication phenomena of your subject organization employs or reflects the ideas and behaviors associated with the concept.These concepts can be recognized as strengths or as weaknesses within the organization. Each of these sections should be both descriptive(tell us how it appears in the organization)as well as analytical(give us your view of the concept applied to the organization)for each section.You should be able to identify a minimum of 6 concepts at this point in time, although you are welcome to explore more than 6 concepts.The number that you choose will not be nearly as important in evaluating your performance as the strength of your explanations for the concepts, and the strength of your critical analysis about how the organization utilizes the concepts.3.A recommendations section that takes into account the ideas presented in analysis, and provides a few ideas of actions that should be taken to improve the organizational communications at the subject organization.An excellent job will go further than a simple recommendation and include at least some indication of the actual action that needs to be taken.There is no minimum word or page count for this assignment.As a guideline, you should imagine that section 1 is 1-2 paragraphs at the most, section 2 should average about a page for each concept you choose (some may be shorter or longer), and section 3 is likely to take 1-2 pages of action language.

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