One of the founding ideas in sustainability comes from Thomas Malthus in the 1700s who predicted…

Assignment Content

  1. A 2500 word total (approximately) report will be the required task. Due to the coronavirus context, students will not be asked to do an exam. The learning trajectory will effectively cover the same tasks as an exam and be personal. The Sustainability Learning Trajectory assignment is divided into two sections.

    Section A Highlight 15 points and Section B Reporting on one contemporary book

    Section A. Highlight 15 points

    You are asked to 1. Highlight 15 points from the subject which you think define the core content and key ideas. For each idea/concept you are expected to write a short review. This part of the Sustainability Learning trajectory is worth 50%.

    As an example

    Point 1. Malthus and his prediction

    One of the founding ideas in sustainability comes from Thomas Malthus in the 1700s who predicted that there would be future global food shortages. Malthus adopted a pessimistic view that the rate of population growth would mean that there comes a point where the world cannot supply enough food for all people. The prediction underestimated the power of technology to increase production but the idea of limits to growth applies well in some countries and circumstances.

    Complete 15 points in this reporting style.

    Section B. Reporting on one book

    You are also asked to extend your knowledge base by reporting on one book you have read from the recent public discussions of the topic of sustainability and sustainable development. In this reporting of your own learning trajectory, you are asked to identify and link the concepts considered in the chosen book with the key ideas in the subject.

    Students cannot use the text book as the selected book for this assignment.

    You should review the chosen book in terms of its main ideas. (25% of the answer for this whole assignment). Comment on what parts of the subject LB5203 are strengthened by the ideas in this book and what ideas in the subject LB5203 are not explored or inadequately considered in this book (25% of the answer for this whole assignment). That is, half of the marks are for describing in 750 words the main ideas and content of the work drawing attention to any points you see as novel or particularly powerful. Half of the marks are for describing in 750 words the connections between the ideas in the book and the material covered in LB5203. You must note the similarities and overlaps as well as the difference between the ideas in the book and the subject materials.

    You can also see a whole suite of books on sustainability through Google e.g.

    20 Must-Read Books on Sustainability in 2021

    You will need to select your reading/book in the first phase/weekend of the subject so you have time to access it, read it think about it and prepare an assignment answer as required.

    Some of the books are very long, so another route is to read and use a major 30 page review article (but not a single study) from one of the Sustainability journals. You will need to have staff agreement to use a major journal review article instead of a contemporary book.


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