network security and data loss


Research and give an example of a high profile case that involved the loss of data.

Give an example of a security issue that came about through use of an information technology? Elaborate on the reasons for the security breach as well as what was done in response to the situation.

Limit your response to 200 words. Your response should include an example of a high profile case that involved the loss of data.


Reply to another student’s post answering the following question:

What you propose as an alternative solution to prevent this type of incident? And, what is your opinion on how the issue was resolved?

Be sure you are replying to someone that doesn’t already have a reply. You should be the first. Please limit your reply to 200 words.



One major security breach was the one that Happened to Marriott Hotels in 2018. The corporation announced that the data of 500 million guests had been compromised. They found that the threats were a combination of remote access Trojan and Mimikat, a tool for sniffing (Fruhlinger, 2019). As explained in Chapter 5 of the textbook, Trojan programs run in the backgrounds of other programs undetected. Marriott’s reasonable guess was that this Trojan was downloaded from phishing emails.
Starwood’s old system had poor security measures. The brand had laid off information system and security employees to cut costs, and this made them more vulnerable to attacks. Personal information was stored improperly, with credit cards being encrypted, but having encryption keys stored in the same server. Also passport information was stored without encryption.

The corporation has stated that they will enhance their network security.

Fruhlinger, Josh (2019). Marriott data breach FAQ: How did it happen and what was the impact? Retrieved from:…

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