Nature- Is something we get from our family line, things like eye color, looks, how tall we are goin

Nature- Is something we get from our family line, things like eye color, looks, how tall we are going be, and hair type or color. Nature has influenced my life due to I look just like my mother. I got my looks from her. We walk into a store and everyone thinks we are sister or twins. Another thing is I like a lot of things that my mother and father like for one singing, television shows, and movies. 

Nurture- Is how we are raised from birth to adult hood, and family surroundings.  Nurture has influenced me by the way I was brought up. I was always taught to treat everyone the way I want to be treated. I was also taught to not discriminate against race.  I was also taught not to steal or lie.



I believe that nature is our development through genetics. Nature has influenced my growth from a child to an adult. Nature influenced my development to look just like my mother. When people see us they think that she is my sister.
Nurture is influences on our development from life experiences. My mother was a single mom and she taught me to never depend on others. I work extra hard for things that i want and don't expect things to be given to me. My mother also taught me to treat others the way i would want to be treated. That is exactly what i do until i feel like my kindness is being taken for granted.
I believe that both nature and nurture had a big influence on my development. Nature influenced my growth because i was able to mature from a child to an adult. As for nurture the support i had from from my mom makes me strive to be a better person and mother for my daughters.

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