Music Report Homework

Write about Jazz Musician : Louis Van Taylor Sextet

This report mainly is to describe what i heard ;

This conecrt is in a very small room and for this report we have to write about him.

What you feel from the concert 

His playing style

What kind of instruments are there to play the jazz music.

Just pretend you’re like in the concert; the teacher focuses more on grammar and the jazz music like how you feel and the concert and everything.

oh just for your information ; the concert i attend was at Santa Monica College Louis Van Taylor Sextet ; maybe that could help he has 5 more musician who helped him on the concert tho i have no idea what they’re name is but maybe you can write about the instrument since all of his concert uses the same instrument.

The ensemble features George Bohanon and Munyungo Jackson paying tribute to the music of Cedar Walton, Horace Silver, and Gerald Wilson. 

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