MSIS 630: Project and Change Management

MSIS 630: Project and Change Management
Spring 2020
Final Project Report Guidelines
The final project plan should be submitted in the last class. The report should be
organized in a professional manner with each section organized with separators.
A. Please check the following before submission:
I. Final Project Plan: Revise your initial project plan and add the rest of the sections
according to the project plan guidelines (separate handout).
II. Project 2019 Report Contents:
1. Gantt Chart with tasks
2. Resource Sheet
3. Overview Reports
a. Project Overview
b. Task Cost Overview
c. Critical Tasks
III. PowerPoint Presentation: Submit the PowerPoint slides of your presentation
immediately before your class presentation.
IV. Photocopy of Initial Project Plan: Submit a graded copy of the initial project plan.
B. The following electronic files should be uploaded on Blackboard:
1. Final Project Plan
2. Project 2019 File
3. PowerPoint Presentation
4. Graded copy of the project plan

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