MSc Information Systems Management

Assignment Deadline: 17 June 2020

Module TitleInformation SystemsLevel 7
Title of AssignmentDigital Portfolio and Written Assignment
Programmes undertaking the assignmentMSc Information Systems Management
Hand-in dateSee OnlineCampus
Weighting within the module50%
Word limit/presentation criteriaEquivalent to 3000
Learning Outcomes to be assessed
Critically appraise alternative IT/IS solutions against business needs, to bridge potential gaps in business and IT strategic alignment. Conduct a critical evaluation of the effectiveness of various business requirements, design and integration techniques, and appraise critically alternative third party vendors and IT/IS solution providers. Reflect on paradigms or philosophical enquiry and the application of systems and systems thinking, acknowledging the value of critical thinking in IS. Evaluate critically the legal and ethical implications arising from new technologies in a business setting. Make a critical appraisal of contemporary models and evaluate methodologies and practices of Business Process Modelling and Knowledge Management in the context of current research and emerging trends.
Details of the task
The portfolio will form a digital artefact in which to present your reports, reflections, evaluations, solutions to a range of scenarios and case study. Using a range of resources, this will provide evidence of theoretical practical and systemic understanding of Information’s Systems. The portfolio will be a continually contributed to throughout the module and will provide formative (on-going) and summative (final assessed work) opportunities for feedback at many points throughout the module. There will be a distinct piece of assessed work that will form part of the Portfolio

Portfolio assessment details: Developing your IS Portfolio (100%) Over the next three weeks of teaching you will be conducting a number of formative activities that will be uploaded into a digital portfolio. Expected entries into the Portfolio will be: Reflective One Minute papers (this will be either embedded media or a link to YouTube or Flickr) What the Papers Say (critiques on 2 theoretical papers and 2 white papers) Feedback from the Webcast/webinar or On-line interview activity Links to news stories are welcome but these should be your own précis with short referenced quotes, and careful referencing should be adhered to throughout, along Harvard Referencing guidelines. Posts should incorporate multimedia elements, and at least one post should include a video that you have designed and produced Marks will be awarded for regular and continuous entries from Week 1 to the end of Week 3.

Assessment criteria

Assessment Housekeeping: You are required to follow the University’s regulations regarding plagiarism and citing sources and references used. Assignments may not be submitted late. Marking penalties for late submission will follow the University regulations for PMC and late submission. Please note that there are changes in the late submission process this year. Submission of Assessment: Please submit an electronic copy of your assessment via OnlineCampus by 17 June 2020

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