mortality rates

You are a public health nurse working in a community with a particular population

The latest CDC data show an increase in the morbidity and mortality rates among teenagers. The statistics reveals a correlation between lack of seatbelt use and rising morbidity and mortality rates. You are to work on a prevention program for your county. And the director of a local senior day program requests your assistance. The program is funded through Medicare, Medicaid, and private pay. Many of the seniors are high functioning and able to actively participate in decision-making. The Medicare Part D program is in effect. The seniors are complaining that they do not understand the plan and how it affects them. Medicare D is new to you also. Develop an information sheet explaining Medicare Part D for seniors. This must reflect current CMS and Medicare information for 2016.

Address the following for each population:

  1. How may you use technology to target each specific population?
  1. What type of technology would you use and how would you use it?
  1. Actually develop this strategy so you may experience what goes into the development and implementation of this strategy. Write a brief summary of the strategy.
  1. Reflect upon the reasons why you made a decision to make use of this particular technological strategy

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