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Homework 8,Final and post test.


Since its the end of the term the assingments are due earlier than usual. The homework and final are both due by Friday and the post test is due this Wednesday. The post test has to be done on a different website and it is a test to see what was learned during the term. Message me and Ill give you the UN and PW for this one because its different than the one for math xl .


I also need help with this discussion question which is due Friday.


You are to choose any three points and then determine the quadratic function that passes through the three points by using a system of 3 equations with 3 unknowns.

Example problem:  Find real numbers a, b, and c so that the graph of the function y=ax^{2}+bx+c contains the points (-1, 4), (2, 3), and (3, 6).

For this set of points, you would solve the system using the following three equations: 

4 = a – b + c

3 = 4a + 2b + c

6 = 9a + 3b + c

(Then you would continue explaining your solution step-by-step…) 

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