MGT 250 Asia-Pacific Management

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  1. Course pursuing __MGT 250 Asia-Pacific Management___________________________________________________
  2. Topic of the assignment __Market-Entry Plan_____________________________________________
  3. Any particular case study / company / article / software to be taken __export Australian wine to Singapore _________________________________________________________________
  4. Any particular reading module or material required while doing the assignment _

Hill, C., Hult, T., Wickramasekera, R., & Mackenzie, K., Gordon, G. Global Business Today (Asia Pacific Perspective). 4thEdition__ ________________________________________________________________

  1. Referencing style to be used ___APA 6 style _________________________________________
  2. Word limit ___900___reference not included ____________________________________________________
  3. Rubrics attached (Y/N) __Y______________________________________________
  4. Number of minimum references to be used ___8_____________________________
  5. Format to be followed _________________________________________________
  6. Other specifications or requirements _ using quality practice-based sources, relevant peer reviewed journal articles, and prescribed text. also visual communication devices such as table/s, graph/s and diagram/s. Note that images or pictures are not considered to be assessed visuals for the purposes of this assessment. ____________________________________

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